As you will see from our website, we promote an environmental and family-oriented destination with a rich history of agriculture. Truly, beauty is highlighted in the two national parks that find their home in South Miami-Dade County: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. By boat or by trail, these national parks provide incredible sunset vistas. Wildlife abounds in the form of alligators, panthers and Manatee. Many come here to fish, kayak, or take a glass bottom boat ride over our magnificent reef. Some even come to swim with a dolphin. History abounds at Coral Castle and at one of the oldest attractions in Florida...Monkey Jungle.  Given our weather, birders and bicycle riders are drawn here year around.When it comes to flora and fauna, South Miami-Dade County is unique. Rare plants can be identified at some of the attractions we have listed here.South Miami-Dade County is also now home to the southernmost winery in the United States. Our Redland agricultural area is renown for producing great varieties of fruit.  Whether you come to pick tomatoes or strawberries or to see world-class orchids on display, the rich tradition of South Miami-Dade County growers will amaze. With our weather being the gem that it is year around, golf, tennis, and fishing always provide fun activities. Our Homestead-Miami Speedway may surprise drawing hundreds of thousands of fans each year to numerous events to include the NASCAR championship in November. For those who want to keep it in the fast lane, the temptation of sky diving, scuba diving, parasailing, and, the effortless glide of an airboat ride across the glades all provide fuel for the imagination.